Youth Advisory Opportunity with McGill University

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Youth Advisory Opportunity with McGill University
Youth Advisory Opportunity with McGill University

The project: “Navigating children’s best interests in child psychiatric inpatient settings during the height of the COVID pandemic: a qualitative participatory research study”

Dr. Rachel Kronick (MD, FRCPC) and Professor Marjorie Montreuil (PhD) have received ethics approval from McGill’s Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences to conduct a study aimed at understanding how hospital COVID-19 infection control regulations were experienced by patients and their family members within inpatient child and adolescent psychiatric units in Canada.

More specifically, they are hoping to gain an understanding of if/ how patients’ best interests were considered during their stay while mandated regulations were enforced.

They are hoping to recruit youth (ages 14-21) that were hospitalized in an inpatient psychiatric unit between 2020-2022, to participate in focus group discussions. The discussions would ask them to share their experiences with the COVID regulations during their hospital stay, as well any thoughts for how to improve inpatient care during public health emergencies.

All participants would remain confidential throughout the discussion. 

To participate, fill out the form using the QR code above or using this link: