Peer Support Portal

Forms and references for Peer Support Contractors

Peer Contractor Handbook

Updated March 2024 Learn more

Appendix A: Cited VCH Policies

VCH Policies Cited in this Handbook Learn more

Appendix B: Other References

Peer Support Services Agreement FAQ Learn more
The VCH Privacy Undertaking and our Service Providers Learn more

Appendix C: Peer Contractor Forms

Orientation Checklist Learn more
Confidentiality Statement Learn more
Emergency Contact Form Learn more
Contract Review Learn more

Appendix D: Peer Support Worker Forms

Goals and Outcomes Forms Learn more
Activity Log Learn more
1-1 Hours and Payment Form
(CII Cost Centre)
Learn more
1-1 Hours and Payment Form
(Cost Centre Blank)
Learn more
Group Hours and Payment Form Learn more
Expenses Form Learn more


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