New – Family WRAP

Spotlight On Mental Health

Many of us are familiar with WRAP®, the Wellness Recovery Action Plan®, a plan that helps identify a person with mental health concerns what they need to do every day to be well, and to plan for the things that might come up that make living well difficult. There is now a Family WRAP book! From the site:

family wrap bookFamily WRAP helps each family member contribute to plans that the family will use to improve day to day interactions, meet daily challenges, promote mutual cooperation and in the event of a crisis for a family member or for the whole family.

This book is full of Wellness Tools, suggested by families who use WRAP to help make their family life the way they want it to be.

Some Wellness Tools from Family WRAP:

• Celebrate special events – “We have a party for the kids’ Adoption Day. They still look forward to coming down in the morning and finding balloons tied to their chairs.”

• Have a central White Board where notes can be written every day connecting family members with each other.

• Allow for “averageness” and “mistakes” to happen without a dramatic response.wrap

We don’t have the book yet – but it is on order!

You can order the book here.