Image of Peer Support – by Bryn Ditmars

Spotlight On Mental Health

Today’s blog entry is an image of peer support created by Bryn Ditmars, an artist, writer and Peer Support Worker. His explanation of how it represents peer support is below. Enjoy!

PSW Image by Bryn Ditmars

I believe that this image reflects my personal experience as a Peer Support
Worker. The bouquet of flowers at the bottom of the image symbolizes the vast
variety and diversity among the many people effected by mental illness these
days. There are carnations, lilies, and tulips of many shapes, sizes, and
colors. The two figures on either side are simply two of these ‘flowers’ whose
characters have been discerned from amidst the masses, engaging in peer
relations. What I believe Peer Support Work does is celebrate the individuality
of the client, by sorting through all the flowers and pulling one out to
highlight that person’s strengths. Thus, the long stem rose… emerging
gallantly and beautifully from among the many others, perchance to be recognized for his or her virtuous traits. – Bryn Ditmars