UROK – Supporting Youth Who Have a Parent Who Struggles with Mental Health/Substance Use

Spotlight On Mental Health


Urban Resilience Opportunities for Kids is for children and youth ages 8-18. This group helps to build resiliency and instill confidence in children who live with a caregiver affected by mental illness. Through monthly recreation outings, children and youth create connections while engaging in fun activities. The UROK weekend groups increase the social network of participants while promoting social skills development. Children and youth have the opportunity to interact with safe and supportive adult role models, and can form healthy attachments through ongoing acceptance and long-term participation in the program. Due to this approach, participants often achieve success in this program, where they might not in other areas of life.

UROK Pandemonium

UROK Pandemonium creates fun and empowerment for youth aged 13-18 who are living with a mental health challenge. This monthly, recreation-based program, provides a social and safe environment for youth to engage in activities in their community that allow them to meet – and overcome – personal challenges in a supportive way. It offers opportunities to build friendships and encourages the development of peer social networks that reduce the isolation often felt by youth who are living with a mental health concern.For more information, visit https://vancouver-fraser.cmha.bc.ca/programs-services/urok/