Peer Support Canada Survey on Youth Peer Support

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Call for Survey Participation
Learning to Equitably Adapt Peer Support to Integrated Youth Services

My name is Allison Dunning and I am the Executive Director of Peer Support Canada. I am contacting you, on behalf of Dr. Gina Dimitropoulos, to see if you are interested in participating in Canadian Institutes of Health Research (CIHR)-funded research project investigating how peer support programs can be improved in mental health services for youth. 

If you participate, we will ask you to take part in an anonymous online survey that explores your experience in the existing onboarding practices and training in peer support organizations for youth. We want to ensure that we understand organization’s current capacity for supporting peer support workers, and we’d like to understand where the gaps are, so we can understand how external supports could help address these gaps. We will use the information collected in this survey to develop guidelines for youth serving organizations to better support peer workers delivering peer support.

Participating in this study is completely voluntary.

Alternatively, if you want to learn more about the study, please contact the study coordinator directly at

Thank you for your time!


Allison Dunning, on behalf of the Principal Investigator, Dr. Gina Dimitropoulos

This study was approved by the University of Calgary Conjoint Faculties Research Ethics Board (REB23-0483).

Survey for Peer Supporters