Consumer Initiative Fund

The Consumer Initiative Fund is a unique and progressive program that funds and supports projects that are proposed, managed, and led by people with lived/living experience of mental illness and/or substance use issues.

About the Consumer Initiative Fund (CIF)

The program consists of individual project leaders and a coordinator.

Projects foster inclusion and community integration, and decrease isolation, provide opportunities for professional and personal growth, build capacity, and encourage participants to realize their potential.

The Consumer Initiative Fund embodies the Philosophy of Recovery with the belief that:

  • Recovery is possible
  • People can have purpose in their lives
  • People can improve the quality of their life through self determination

CIF Projects

CIF projects are proposed, developed and led by peers. Getting involved in this initiative builds capacity for those creating and running the projects, as well as for those who take part in them.

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Art Grant

The CIF Art Grant provides an opportunity for artists to purchase art supplies. Vancouver residents who are consumers of mental health and/or substance use services are encouraged to apply.

Each Art Grant is in the amount of $85 and is offered 4 times per year (Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall). Recipients are selected by random draw.

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Crisis Grant

The CIF Crisis Grant is intended to assist mental health and substance use consumers who are experiencing significant financial strain due to unexpected circumstances.
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Education & Leisure Fund

Personal development, life style enhancement, vocational training, education and well-being are key components of recovery.  The goal of the CIF Education and Leisure Fund is to provide opportunities for individuals to take courses they would not otherwise be able to access and to build capacity. Examples of courses we have funded include: yoga classes, music lessons, art classes, college courses, and acting classes.

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