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Parents Forever

Extended Funding & New Contract Manager

PARENTS FOREVER is a mutual support group providing support and education to parents/caregivers of adult loved ones struggling with substance use/mental health conditions (18 years of age and up) for the past 22 years.

PARENTS FOREVER is pleased to announce that as of May 2, 2022, Vancouver Coastal Health has extended funding to PARENTS FOREVER for two years. As well, a new Contract Manger has come on board… Turning Point Recovery Society!  

PARENTS FOREVER are extremely grateful for the support BGC (Boys and Girls Clubs) has given over our 22 year association and look forward to a new relationship with Turning Point Recovery Society.

If you have any questions, please contact:    604-524-4230

Please pass along this news to any service providers you may be in contact with as well parents/caregivers of loved ones struggling with substance use who may be in need of support.