Extended Leave (issue 4)

Spotlight On Mental Health

Issue 4 of On Our Way: Recovery News focuses on Extended Leave.  The theme for this issue was inspired by questions submitted to us by a family member. For those of you who aren’t sure what extended leave means, it is a form of forced treatment in the community that is sometimes also called outpatient committal.  A person is required to receive treatment or be sent back to hospital. We think the topic of extended leave and how it does or does not relate to recovery  is so complex that we wanted to devote most of an issue of our newsletter to exploring it from the viewpoint of service providers, family and  people with experience being on extended leave. On a personal note, it was interesting to  me that this topic came up because I have been on extended leave myself.  I will be sharing my thoughts with those of others.
But extended leave is not all this newsletter will cover. We’ve also included an article on Healing Touch and an article on Microaggressions in Mental Health,  plus an update about Spiritual Work,  and “Words of Wisdom” about recovery.  As always, we welcome your articles, letters and ideas on topics related to recovery. Please send to renea.mohammed@vch.ca.  Happy Reading!