Coast Mental Health Culinary Program – new session starts January 15 2024

Kyoko H

Sent on behalf of Margaret Flynn from the Coast Culinary Program:

Coast Mental Health Culinary Program is recruiting students for January 2024 
(A program for young adults aged 19-30)

We are recruiting for our upcoming cohort, and I am looking for students. We are currently accepting applications for our Culinary Program, specifically targeting young adults aged 19-30. However, if you have individuals who fall slightly outside this age range, we would still encourage them to apply. Should space permit, we will consider their application for inclusion in the program.

Here are some key details about the program:

  • Start Date: January 15th
  • Duration: 10 weeks
  • Schedule: Monday to Thursday, 9 am – 2:30 pm, with Fridays designated as a wellness day.
  • Program Structure: The first 5 weeks focus on building foundational kitchen skills, followed by a 5-week internal practicum placement.
  • Additional Training: Participants will engage in 8 sessions of Brain Training/Essential Skills throughout the program.

We believe our program provides a comprehensive and hands-on approach to culinary education with a strong emphasis  on building confidence and providing opportunities to connect with others. offering a unique blend of foundational skills in a supportive environment . If you have individuals who might be interested or who could benefit from this opportunity, please encourage them to submit their applications. We look forward to welcoming a diverse group of individuals passionate about taking the next step in their journey to employment.

Additional program information can be found here , Please email all applications to Anna Masangkay. Applications can be found by following the link.

Margaret Flynn (pronouns: she/her)
Culinary Program Manager
Culinary Training Program
604-838-3533 |  335 West Pender St. | Vancouver | BC | V6B 1T3