Client Bill of Rights

Spotlight On Mental Health


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All clients have the right to:

  •  Be treated with dignity, respect, and empathy.
  •  Be understood as individuals with unique strengths, views and beliefs.
  •  Be informed about all aspects of illness and treatment, including risks, outcomes and alternatives.
  •  Participate in all treatment decisions whenever possible.
  •  A range of personalized treatment options and rehabilitation services, with choices based on individual needs, desires and experiences, and the safety of others.
  •  Continuity of care.
  •  A safe and secure environment.
  •  An advocate and/or interpreter, when available.
  •  Privacy of information unless legally ordered.
  •  Access their health record.
  •  Have complaints heard and followed through within a safe and fair manner.
  •  Participate in mental health planning, evaluation and implementation.