CIF Education & Leisure Fund

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The Consumer Initiative Fund – Education and Leisure Fund (ELF) is nearing its deadline.

The deadline is Monday, October 30, 2017.

The fund covers up to $400 in educational or leisure pursuits.

The bursary must be used and paid out by February, 28, 2018 or be forfeit.

The draw to see who receive the bursaries will take place on Tuesday, October 31, 2017.

Note that the Fund does not reimburse people.  The educational or or leisure organization is required to submit an invoice which VCH will then pay directly.  If the cost is more than $400 the applicant is required to pay the difference, and an explication of how the difference will be paid must be included with the application.

Full information on the fund and bursaries is located at:

The fillable and printable pdf of the application can be accessed at:

And a Word document of the application form can be accessed at:

For more information on the fund please contact:
Ian Sadler, CIF Coordinator
phone:  604-730-7675
Ian Sadler, CIF Coordinator
200 – 520 W 6th Avenue
Vancouver, BC  V5Z 4H5
fax:  604-874-7661

Wishing you the best with your application,
Ian Sadler.