Writing a blog post – easy!

Spotlight On Mental Health

writing a blog post is easyWant to write a blog post?

Or …

Don’t want to write one?

Ok, let’s talk about why you don’t want to:

  • It takes too long – hours!
  • You can’t make it sound just right
  • You don’t have anything to say
  • It’s like writing an essay and your English teacher was so mean!
  • You stare at the screen and nothing happens

I bet you could each add a whole bunch of other reasons.

Typically, what it boils down to are two things, though:

  1. Lack of time
  2. Perfectionism

The beauty about blogging is that neither of these two need to stand in your way. A blog post can be super short – a paragraph is fine! And no-one asks you to be perfect or change the world with just one article.

I just did a little experiment to see whether I can prove my point. I blindly stabbed through a few of my emails, to see whether I could dig up something interesting there. After the third email, I found information about a Family Educational Workshops In Mandarin. Let’s turn my experience into a blog post! I’ll simply tell you what happened.

So I found this info about these workshops in Mandarin. I work with Chinese speaking families, so I was interested. But the dates seemed out of date. Hm. But there was a phone number, so I called there. Immediately, someone answered – and told me that the program was cut. Really?! Mental health information in different languagehs and for different cultures is soooo important! I had a good conversation with someone therem, though. I found out that the person I talked to knows quiet a bit about cross-cultural uissues. What do you think, readers – do you think it’s a good idea that these programs were cut? I understand, there is only so much money. Tehre need to be priorities. Do yiou think this was a good place to cut?

Ok, people, going through my emails, making the phone call and writing this little paragraph took me 20 minutes at most. I left the typos in just for fun but of course that’s what we have spell checks for. Granted, this is not the most profound blog post that was ever written – but it talks about an important topic, and who knows, maybe more people want to talk about it.

So – what do you think? Could you write a blog post?