Want to help with a UK study? Researchers are looking for voice hearers to test a questionnaire

Kyoko H

UK Study looking for voice hearers to validate a new questionnaire

My name is Dani Chadderton, I’m a researcher and trainee clinical psychologist at Lancaster University, UK. I’ve been working with Prof. Bill Sellwood and Dr. Rohan Morris to develop a new outcome measure/questionnaire, which will assess the types of relationships people have with the different voices they hear. The idea is that it will help support the development and evaluation of new psychological therapies, specifically looking at improving people’s relationships with their voices, and hopefully reducing distress. 

We have developed the questionnaire with the input of people who hear voices at every stage of the process. We are now looking for voice hearers to complete the questionnaire so we can check if it is statistically valid. The questionnaire and more information is available online here: