Vancouver Family Advisory Committee (FAC)

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A two sided exchange between VCH and people who receive its services, and/or their families. Dialogue happens. Advisors’ input is welcome, heard and taken into consideration by VCH in order to effect change or improve services.


Advisors have a good understanding of a topic. VCH agrees that its understanding could be improved. VCH listens to advisors’ expertise. The hope is that this will directly or indirectly affect change.


Family members campaign for a particular cause, policy or service, with the hope that it may influence change.


We are always looking for new members. If you are interested or want to learn more contact us at:

Family Support and Involvement Program
200-1200 West 73rd Avenue, Vancouver BC
(604) 266-6124


The Role of the Vancouver Family Advisory Committee (FAC) is to represent the diverse voices of families within Vancouver Mental Health and Substance Use Services and act in advisory, advocacy, and educational roles to improve the care experience.

Membership consists of family members, people with lived experience and mental health and substance use professionals.

Our Objectives

  • Facilitate the development and maintenance of a culture that supports family involvement
  • Ensure that services reflect best practices of client and family-centered care
  • Support the ongoing development of a culture of recovery
  • We welcome you to join us in this work. We are always looking for -new members!

Since the inception of the Vancouver FAC in 2000, we have

  1. Participated in the development, implementation and monitoring of the Regional Family Involvement Policy
  2. Recommended and established a Family Support and Involvement Team with dedicated staff for community, hospital, and tertiary services.
  3. Led planning of the Vancouver Family Conferences since 2004. The purpose of these conferences has been to share current and hopeful information between health professionals, clients and families, to hear stories of recovery and obtain support to navigate the path of recovery.
  4. Developed and facilitated staff education to encourage best practices in family support and involvement
  5. Advise Mental Health and Substance use programs on changes and program development using a family lens.

Quotes from our members

“My hope is that care for mental health and substance use will continuously improve and that the FAC can be part of that. It is essential that family members, regardless of their own life journey, be included in the discussion because it is family members with their deep ties to those receiving care who reinforce the reasons to reach for a better quality of life. Often as well, its family members who provide tremendous support when persons cannot connect to the care available in the health care system or when that care does not exist for them.”
– Patti Zane, FAC member and family member

“It’s a real privilege to support a group of family members who want to inform and improve the services that we provide. At each meeting I’m truly amazed by the dedication, passion, and energy these family members bring from their own lived experience and that they choose to share and help those who are receiving services or might one day need to use our services.”
– Jennifer Glasgow, VCH Manager and FAC staff liaison

“Being on the FAC is an integral part of my own healing since being of service to others is being of service to myself. Being on the FAC empowers me to share my circumstances. I want potential members to be aware that FAC membership of various backgrounds, concerns and abilities brings diversity in developing support and advocacy”
– Robert Sung, FAC member and person with lived experience