New Game Sends Positive Message

Spotlight On Mental Health

LifeEssence is a new computer game that puts a positive message out about mental illness

lifessenceLifeEssence is the story of a man struggling with his mental illness. As he fights to regain vitality for life he enters a dream-like reality. He’s faced with many challenges and puzzles that will help him retain and regain his Memory of who he was, and to learn who he really is. This dream-like reality is known as Trium, and is a Mystical place full of oddities and the unexpected. When he entered Trium he was transformed. The Observer is his being in this strange world and he now lacks a mouth. Unable to speak, he explores these realms with a childlike eye and innocence. The choice is yours on what you do. Be aware though, every choice has consequence, good or bad.

Please see the link below for information re: a computer game that puts out a positive image about mental illness. Sent to us by the Peer to Peer Support Group Members group on LinkedIn.

Lifessence Game site