January 2018 Family Connections Newsletter

Spotlight On Mental Health

Our newest Family Connections Newsletter is about the many non-profit agencies that assist people with mental health and/or substance use issues – from CMHA to BCSS to Parents Forever to Alanon.  Click here to read it.

Once in a while we hear from people that their subscription to the newsletter or to Spotlight On Mental Health has lapsed.  It’s a technical problem that we have little control over.  However, here is a trick: If you simply forward something that you have received in your email with a subscription, rather than using the “forward to a friend” function at the bottom of your email, here’s what can happen: The person you forward it to may click “unsubscribe” and the result is that they have unsubscribed you.  So – we totally encourage you to forward the newsletter or anything else your receive from us, but please either use the “forward to a friend” function or click on “view this email in a browser”, and then you can send on the URL (web site address) of what you see in the browser (If you’re not sure how to do that, here is a video that explains it.)