In Good Company – a local website to support men’s mental health

Kyoko H

New Website to Support Men’s Mental Health 

This website ( offers practical tips on starting conversations with friends about a range of issues, from fatherhood to divorce to substance use. It suggests ways to reconnect with old buddies and navigate difficult times, reminding men that reaching out is a positive step and that their friends do want to help.

In Good Company - a local website to support men's mental health

“These resources were inspired by a recent photovoice project, where researchers asked 65 men ages 19-78 from across Canada to take photos depicting their experiences with social connections and mental health challenges. The stories that emerged were raw and revealing—from local pubs to mountaintops, men shared stories of connecting, bonding and helping each other out, as well as instances where peer support fell short. The men overwhelmingly wanted stronger connections and more support from their peers. Their experiences and insights are integrated into the website. It’s as real as it gets.”