Embrace the Concept of Recovery (issue 3)

Spotlight On Mental Health

Issue 3 of On Our Way: Recovery News explores applications of the concept of recovery. Exploring Recovery. This edition looks at how we are doing as we embrace the concept of recovery and explores what recovery entails from the perspectives of those with lived experience of mental illness, family members and service providers. As a part of this exploration, we continue to feature articles about what has been happening in our system. Articles cover a survey conducted with consumers and family, the recovery dialogues and highlights from a workshop on trauma informed care and the recovery model. As well, we’ve included “Perspectives Pages”,  “Words of Wisdom” and, as a result of a reader request, we have also added a new feature called “Did You Know?” This will offer brief highlights of recovery oriented resources and information.
A question addressed to the “Ask Dr. Maggie Bennington-Davis” column, related to recovery across cultures, is also answered. A second set of questions submitted to us was so complex  that we’ve decided to use the topic of the questions –  extended leave (a form of outpatient committal) – as a  theme for our next issue. We’ve saved Dr. Bennington-Davis response on that topic for our next issue.  Next time around, then, we will be looking at extended leave, what it is, what it’s like to be on it, and how it does or does not relate to recovery.
We welcome your articles, letters and ideas on this and other topics related to recovery. Please send to renea.mohammed@vch.ca. Happy Reading!