AMA (Ask Me Anything) about Bipolar Disorder online event on now! March 19 2024

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Our Reddit “Ask Me Anything” Is ONLINE NOW!

The Biggest Bipolar Disorder Q&A On The Internet

Right now, and over the next 48 hours (March 19th–March 21st), the largest ever team of bipolar researchers, psychiatrists, psychologists and experts with lived experience of bipolar disorder are gathering to answer your questions on Reddit! We hope to see you there!


Our team of 70 bipolar disorder expert panelists!

Meet the international team bipolar disorder experts from 13 countries who are answering your questions from across multiple different time zones during this World Bipolar Day gathering. Learn more:

  1. Dr. Adrienne Benediktsson🇨🇦 Neuroscientist & Mental Health Advocate (Lives w/ bipolar)
  2. Alessandra Torresani🇺🇸 Actress & Mental Health Advocate (Lives w/ bipolar)
  3. Andrea Paquette🇨🇦 Mental Health Advocate (Lives w/ bipolar)
  4. Dr. Andrea Vassilev🇺🇸 Doctor of Psychology, Advocate (Lives w/ bipolar)
  5. Anne Van Willigen🇺🇸 Librarian & Peer Researcher (Lives w/ bipolar)
  6. Dr. Annemiek Dols🇳🇱 Psychiatrist & Researcher
  7. Dr. Benjamin Goldstein🇨🇦 Child-Adolescent Psychiatrist
  8. Catherine Simmons🇨🇦 Peer Researcher (Lives w/ bipolar)
  9. Dr. Chris Gorman🇨🇦 Psychiatrist
  10. Chris Parsons🇨🇦 Lived Experience (Lives w/ bipolar)
  11. Christa McDiarmid🇨🇦 EPI Peer Support Worker & Bipolar Support Group Facilitator (Lives w/ bipolar)
  12. Dr. David Miklowitz🇺🇸 Psychologist & Researcher
  13. Debbie Sesula🇨🇦 Peer Support Coordinator (Lives w/ bipolar)
  14. Dr. Delphine Raucher-Chéné🇫🇷🇨🇦 Psychiatrist & Clinician-Researcher
  15. Dr. Devika Bhushan,  🇺🇸 Pediatrician, Public Health Leader (Lives w/ bipolar)
  16. Dr. Elizabeth Tyler🇬🇧 Clinical Psychologist
  17. Dr. Elvira Boere🇳🇱 Psychiatrist & Researcher
  18. Dr. Emma Morton🇦🇺 Senior Lecturer & Psychologist
  19. Dr. Eric Youngstrom🇺🇸 Psychologist & Researcher
  20. Dr. Erin Michalak🇨🇦 Researcher & CREST.BD founder
  21. Eve Mair🇬🇧 Bipolar UK Senior Public Policy Officer (Lives w/bipolar)
  22. Evelyn Anne Clausen🇺🇸 Writer & Artist (Lives w/ bipolar)
  23. Dr. Fabiano Gomes🇨🇦 Psychiatrist
  24. Prof. Fiona Lobban🇬🇧 Clinical Psychologist & Academic
  25. Georgia Caruana🇦🇺 Neuropsychiatry PhD Candidate
  26. Dr. Georgina Hosang🇬🇧 Research Psychologist
  27. Prof. Greg Murray🇦🇺 Psychologist & Researcher
  28. Dr. Glorianna Jagfeld🇬🇧 PhD Graduate
  29. Maj. Gen. Gregg Martin🇺🇸 U.S. Army retired, Mental Health Advocate (Lives w/ bipolar)
  30. Dr. Guillermo Perez Algorta🇺🇾🇬🇧 Senior Lecturer in Mental Health
  31. Heather Stewart, 🇨🇦 Sewist (Lives w/ bipolar)
  32. Dr. Ivan Torres🇨🇦 Neuropsychologist
  33. Dr. Jasmine Noble🇨🇦 Researcher & National Sustainability Director of Mood Disorders Society of Canada
  34. Jean-Rémy Provos🇨🇦 Executive Director of Relief (formerly Revivre)
  35. Jeff Brozena🇺🇸 Human-computer Interaction/Digital Health PhD Student (Lives w/ bipolar)
  36. Dr. Joanna Jarecki🇨🇦 Psychiatrist & Advocate (Lives w/ bipolar)
  37. Dra. Joanna Jiménez Pavón🇲🇽 Mood Disorders Psychiatrist
  38. Dr. John-Jose Nunez🇨🇦 Psychiatrist & Clinical Research Fellow
  39. Dr. Josh Woolley🇺🇸 Psychiatrist & Researcher
  40. Dr. Jill Murphy🇨🇦 Global Mental Health Researcher  
  41. Dr. Jim Phelps🇺🇸 Mood Specialist Psychiatrist
  42. Dr. June Gruber🇺🇸 Psychologist & Researcher
  43. Dr. Kamyar Keramatian🇨🇦 Psychiatrist & Researcher
  44. Dr. Katie Douglas🇳🇿 Psychologist & Researcher
  45. Laura Lapadat🇨🇦 CREST.BD Trainee & Psychology PhD student
  46. Dr. Lauren Yang🇺🇸 Clinical Psychologist (Lives w/ bipolar)
  47. Leslie Robertson🇺🇸 Marketer & Peer Researcher (Lives w/ bipolar) 
  48. Dr. Lisa O’Donnell🇺🇸 Social Worker & Researcher
  49. Dr. Madelaine Gierc🇨🇦 Psychologist & Researcher
  50. Dr. Manuel Sánchez de Carmona🇲🇽 Psychiatrist 
  51. Maryam Momen🇨🇦 Dentistry student (DMD candidate) & Mental health advocate (Lives w/ bipolar)
  52. Dr. Maya Schumer🇺🇸 Psychiatric Neuroscientist Researcher (Lives w/ bipolar)
  53. Dr. Meghan DellaCrosse🇺🇸 Researcher & Clinical Psychologist
  54. Melissa Howard🇨🇦 Mental Health Advocate (Lives w/ bipolar)
  55. Dr. Nigila Ravichandran🇸🇬 Psychiatrist
  56. Dr. Paula Villela Nunes🇨🇦 Psychiatrist
  57. Pepe Bakshi🇨🇦 Lived Experience (Lives w/ bipolar)
  58. Dr. Rebekah Huber🇺🇸 Psychologist & Researcher
  59. Robert Villanueva🇺🇸 International Mental Health Advocate (Lives w/ bipolar)
  60. Dr. Roumen Milev🇨🇦 Psychiatrist
  61. Ruth Komathi🇸🇬 Mental Health Counsellor (Lives w/ bipolar) 
  62. Prof. Samson Tse🇭🇰 Counsellor, Academic and Researcher
  63. Sara Schley🇺🇸 Author, Filmmaker, Speaker (Lives w/ bipolar)
  64. Dr. Sarah H. Sperry🇺🇸 Researcher
  65. Shaley Hoogendoorn🇨🇦 Speaker, Content Creator, Mental Illness Advocate (Lives w/ bipolar) 
  66. Dr. Steven Barnes🇨🇦 Instructor & Artist (Lives w/ bipolar)  
  67. Dr. Tamsyn Van Rheenen🇦🇺 Researcher
  68. Dr. Thomas D. Meyer🇺🇸🇩🇪 Clinical Psychologist & Researcher
  69. Dr. Thomas Richardson🇬🇧 Clinical Psychologist (Lives w/ bipolar)
  70. Twyla Spoke🇨🇦 Registered Nurse (Lives w/ bipolar)

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